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Immigration & Asylum


We understand that having immigration issues can be extremely stressful.



Our Litigation department recognises that litigation is, more often than not, the means of last resort.

Family Law

Family Law

We understand that the decision to divorce or separate is never easy or one that is taken lightly.

Employment Law

Employment Law

Relationships are vital to successful commerce. Rose, Samuel Odele & Partners employment lawyers can assist.

Housing Law

Housing Law

We have a proactive team of experienced and extremely knowledgeable solicitors who will work hard.



Our Property Department combines a thorough knowledge of the law with realisation of the importance.

Childcare Law

Our specialist knowledge of the legalities surrounding childcare will help you achieve the best possible outcome for them.

We will be sensitive and supportive to your situation and advise you regarding supervision and living arrangements with former partners and other family members.

Should the Court become involved in the interests of a child, we can help explain the procedures involved, so that together we can take steps to protect the future of your children

Childcare LawChild Arrangements Order:

This term replaces the former terms of Residence and Contact Orders (and before that - Custody and Access). Courts now talk in terms of who the child should live with and what time they should spend with each parent.

Prohibited Steps Order:

This is an application asking a Court to make an order preventing a person from carrying out a certain action in relation to a child regardless of whether they have parental responsibility for the child, such as removing the child from the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Specific Issue Order:

This is an Order asking a Court to determine a specific issue which has arisen such as what school the child should attend or what medical treatment a child should receive where the child’s parents or people who share parental responsibility for the child are unable to agree on the specific issue.

Special Guardianship Order:

This is an order conferring parental responsibility on an individual or individuals who would not ordinarily have parental responsibility (a non-parent) and authorising them to care for a child without severing legal ties with the birth family. A Special Guardian can exercise his/her parental responsibility for the child to the exclusion of the child’s parents but not another Special Guardian.

Parental Responsibility Order:

An order conferring parental responsibility usually on an unmarried father who is not named on the child’s birth certificate or a family member who has cared for and demonstrated commitment towards the child over a sustained period.

Order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts:

An application to trace the whereabouts of a child or the person with whom the child is living.

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