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We offer expert and specialist legal advice at affordable fees. Our fees are tailored to meet our clients’ financial needs and we are happy to agree flexible payment plans.

Our funding options are as follows:

  1. Fixed cost initial consultation We offer a 30 minute ‘no obligation’ consultation at an affordable cost. During our meeting with you, we will take details about your case from you and advice you regarding your options, fees and merit accordingly:

  2. Document checking service We are able to check your documents and applications such as immigration applications and divorce petitions before they are submitted to ensure that there are no errors at a reasonable cost:

  3. One off Services We are happy to assist in cases where you want to take control of your case. We can agree a fee for us to carry out a particular piece of work for example, prepare or respond to a statement or attend a single Court hearing:

  4. Fixed fees rates We offer tailored fixed fees rates for all areas of law we specialise in. The agreed fixed fee will cover the cost of your entire case exclusive of Disbursements such as Court fees, expert’s fees and Home Office. Please be advised that having agreed a fixed fee and we begin to undertake work for you, we will not issue any refund should you withdraw your instructions:

  5. Payment on account You may prefer to make payments on account towards the costs of your matter. In such instances, you will be invoiced on a regular basis so that you are up to date on the running costs of your case and when to make additional payments if necessary:

  6. Divorce proceedings We offer various fixed fee packages for divorce matters whether you are applying for a divorce (petitioner) or responding to a divorce petition (respondent). In addition to our legal fees, if you are the Petitioner, you will also be required to pay a Court fee to issue the divorce petition. As part of our document checking service, if you are a Petitioner we can check your completed divorce petition, application for decree nisi and decree, and if you are a Respondent, we can check your completed Acknowledgment of Service and make necessary amendments:

  7. Court Fees Exemption / Discount: If you only have a small amount of savings and investments and receive certain benefits or are on a low income, you may be able to get help with your Court fees. This could mean that you do not have to pay (usually if you have no income or are on certain benefits) or that you only have to pay part of the fee. Further information can be found at:

Where there are difficulties or other complexities not initially anticipated within your instruction, requiring further legal to be taken by us, we will discuss this with you and the likely legal costs in advance before undertaking these tasks.


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