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Housing Law


We have a proactive team of experienced and extremely knowledgeable solicitors who will work hard to bring your case to a fair conclusion.

We specialise in Housing law and can assist in various areas of problems including:

  • Homelessness and Allocation applications, including reviews, appeals and judicial review of the Local Authority’s decision
  • Possession and Eviction proceedings whether with Local Authority, Housing Association/Trust or private landlord
  • Disrepair
  • Harassment and/or unlawful eviction
  • Mortgage repossession
  • Homelessness Squatter’s rights
  • Neighbour disputes

We are committed to assisting in the protection of the housing rights of both landlords and tenants. Our housing law for Landlords covers the following areas:

Services for Landlords

Managing and letting property can be complicated and you may experience the following types of problems:

  • You may wish to give notice to an occupant and obtain possession
  • You may have a tenant who is failing to pay rent or breaking other terms of their tenancy
  • Your property may require repairs and you may be concerned as to how these will be carried out with a tenant in occupation
  • Your tenant may be complaining about defects at the property and you are unsure as to who is responsible for remedying those defects
  • Your tenant may be complaining about a neighbouring tenant and you are unsure how to deal with the conflict
  • Your tenant may have contacted the Local Authority about the property and you may be unsure as to how to deal with Local Authority Regulations or whether your property should be licensed/registered
  • Making applications for Licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your needs if you have any of the above issues.


We can take action against your landlord if they are not keeping the property in a good state of repair, in accordance with their legal obligations. We may also be able to help you obtain compensation. In a serious case you may be entitled to more than £5,000.00.

If you are a tenant living in rented property which has fallen into disrepair, you may have a disrepair claim against your landlord. If your landlord has failed to repair faults or not kept the house in good condition you may find that your home becomes damaged. It can be very distressing when your landlord refuses to repair your home.

All tenants have a contract with their landlord. The landlord will always have certain duties to the tenant under the contract. To find out whether your landlord has breached their duty by failing to repair the problem you will need expert legal advice.

You should:

  • Report the problem to your landlord, asking them to fix it. Do this in writing and keep a copy. Make sure you remember the date you reported the issue.
  • If your landlord fails to repair the problem, then send them a reminder. Again try to do this in writing.
  • You should seek advice as soon as possible.

Mortgage Repossession

If you have fallen behind on the repayments on your mortgage or secured loan, your lender may start court proceedings against you to repossess your property.

Lenders have to follow certain rules before they can start possession proceedings against you. If they do not follow these rules, you may be able to argue in Court that the possession claim should be dismissed. The Courts view proceedings as the last resort, and therefore it is important that you do not ignore any letters your lender sends you in relation to your arrears.

If you are being threatened with mortgage possession proceedings, you should not delay in contacting us immediately in order to discuss your options.

Defending possession/eviction proceedings

We will be happy to assist you with defending possession or eviction proceedings brought against you by your Landlord.



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